Vernissage de l’exposition de l’artiste MAYSOON BAKIR / accompagnement au OUD/LUTH par Ahmed Khorshid

1 April 2019 @ 18 h 00 – 5 April 2019 @ 18 h 00
Rue de Fribourg 5
1201 Genève
022 731 84 40

المرأة في الفن التشكيلي بين الواقع و التجريد
معرض الفنانة  ميسون باكير

La femme dans l’art entre abstraction et réalité

Exposition exceptionnelle de l’artiste

Vernissage le 1 avril à 18h

en présence de l’artiste jusqu’au 5 avril inclus

accompagnement au Oud/Luth par Ahmad Khorshid

dans la Galerie de l’ICAM-L’Olivier

5 rue de Fribourg  1201 Genève

+41 (0) 22 731 84 40

“Painting is considered as one of the most beautiful languages. Painter works show the visual expression of the cultural Palestinian concept of SUMUD”.

These words were written by the Palestinian exile Maysoon Bakir, who was born in Jordan in 1965. Her parents were expelled from their homeland, the city of Haifa during the Palestinian Nakba in 1948 among hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. At the age of five her family among thousands of other Palestinian families were forced to leave Jordan. The child Maysoon, at her early age was eyewitness of the second tragedy of her family who went to Iraq.

Maysoon grew up in Baghdad, where she finished her school and her education at the college of arts of the University at Baghdad. Additionally, she completed a first degree in English literature. The dramatic experience of Maysoon can be seen in her paintings. Until today, Maysoon dreams of returning to her beloved country Palestine. In Maysoon’s paintings, she expresses her emotions, fears, suffering which are shared by all Palestinians. Most Palestinians were uprooted from their homeland to become refugees living in miserable conditions in refugee camps located in the West Bank, Gaza, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and many other countries.

Maysoon is very interested in the folklore and the history of the Palestinian cause. In her paintings, she is keen to embody everything that has to do with Palestine, the Palestinian culture, folklore and traditions. In general, Maysoon’s individual style is concerned with her cultural tradition and her work depicts the life of peasants and the traditional Palestinian way of life. She shows in her painting a combination between realism and abstraction. She attempts to find a dialectical relationship between realism and abstraction through paintings in which her respect for all the revolutionary artists during of the 20th century is put on display.

he simplifies her subjects with plain lines, creating both harmony and balance. She is extremely influenced by Ismail Shamout, the master of Palestinian arts as well as by Suleiman Mansour, Samia Halabi and and Jumana El Husseini. Among the European artists, her work is influenced by Pablo Picasso, Georg Braque and Paul Cezanne. Maysoon set up her first solo exhibition at her house in Amman 1991. She has participated in many exhibitions with other artists. The benefit one of her exhibitions was purposed for charity in the interest of deaf and mental impaired. She has had solo exhibitions in Amman during the years 1993, 1994 and 1995. Her first painting activities were on wood, glass and silk using different kinds of colours and materials. In 1998 she travelled to Vienna, the civilized green city of love, beauty, arts and museums. In Vienna, the new place of exile of Maysoon, she attends a school for art where she will be able to develop her career as a painter.

In 2011, Maysoon made a solo exhibition at her house under the theme “the beauty of nature”. Her exhibition was a sample which reflects her love and appreciation for Vienna, the city where many famous artists started their career, like Friedrich von Amerling, Rudolf von Alt, Franz Alt, Oz Almog, Joseph Matthaus Aigner and many others. In October 2012, she set up her solo exhibition at Marriott Hotel in Vienna. In November 2012 she set up a solo exhibition at the United Nations. In May 2013, during the 65th commemoration of theNakba, Maysoon set up a solo exhibition at the SPO Cultural Center in the second Viennese district. The exhibition was attended by Austrian artists, politicians and Palestinians. In October 2013 Maysoon’s art was shown in an exhibition at the Vienna City Hall, where she was the only Palestinian-Arab artist displaying her work among many European artists. The Ayyam Gallery in London held an exhibition of Maysoon’s paintings in June 2013.


ميسون باكير
الجنسية : فلسطينية
الاقامة : النمسا – فيينا
فنانة تشكيلية تعيش في فينا
شاركت في معارض كثيرة في فيينا وفي أوروبا أهمها معرضها في مقر الامم المتحدة في فيينا قبل عامين وفي روما وبريطانيا2012.باريس2014
عرضت لوحاتها في مؤتمر حق العودة وفي ايار من العام 2015 كان لها عرض في متحف محمود درويش في رام الله وفي دار الثقافة : وفي سبتمبر 2015 كان لها عرض في لاهاي وفي أكتوبر 2016 عرضت لوحاتها في فينا في مكان تاريخي اسمه : ALBERT SCHWEIZERT HOUSE وكان للسفراء العرب والاجانب .وفي آذار 2016 شاركت مع جامعة الدول العربية في الايام الثقافية العربية والذي أقيم
في هنكاريا في المتحف الهنكاري وفي أيار 2016 عرضت لوحاتها في وارسو. وفي كندا تم اختيار لوحاتها مع المشاهير من الفنانيين الفلسطينين أمثال اسماعيل شموط وناجي العلي وغسان كنفاني وغيرهم لفن المقاومة في رزنامة ٢٠١٦ .وفي يوم 8/12/2016 افتتح وزير الثقافة الفلسطيني معرضها في متحف من المتاحف المهمة في موسكو ضمن مشاركتها في الاسبوع الثقافي الفلسطيني هناك.وكان حضور
جميل من الروسيين والسياسيين والمهتمين بالفن
وفي ايلول 2017 كان لها معرض في الولايات المتحدة الامريكية وكان معرض مهم جدا حضره كبار السياسيين والفنانيين ورجال الاعمل هناك. وفي٢٠/٧/٢٠١٨ تم افتتاح عملها بالديكور الداخلي والفن التشكيلي في واحد من
الاماكن المهمة للتجميل بانواع في بيروت.وفي ١٥ /٩ ٢٠١٨ عرضت لوحاتها في القاهرة ضمن مؤتمر مجلس التعاون العربي الدولي في فندق الماريوت .

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