Concert du quatuor palestinien “Sharqi” de l’Académie Edward Saïd

26 October 2019 @ 20 h 00
Rue de Fribourg 5
1201 Genève
022 731 84 40

Nous avons le plaisir de recevoir un groupe de jeunes musiciens palestiniens du Conservatoire de musique Edward Saïd à Ramallah (Palestine) qui fait un tournée en Suisse à l’invitation de la Chorale de Wohlen (Bern).

Le Conservatoire Edward Said : In 1990, a small group of Palestinian musicians came together to look at the situation of music and music education in Palestine.  There were many pockets of talent and activity in several genres, including folklore music, Arabic art music and Western classical music, but there was no central body channeling musical talent and strategizing for the future. Recognizing this, they decided to establish a music school. Over the next three years, the ground was prepared, and in 1993, the National Conservatory of Music was launched. Initially under the wing of Birzeit University’s board of trustees, the Conservatory set up its first branch in Ramallah. Forty students were enrolled alongside three part-time teachers, a secretary and a volunteer director.  Read more..



Programme de la soirée :

رغم الفراق- تامر الساحوري
عالعین ملیتین+القرصیة+لیا ولیا+على دلعونة+وین عرام لله+یا ظریف الطول
سماعي حجاز- – Goksel Baktagir
غربة- تامر الساحوري
سماعي نھوند مسعود جمیل
-Autumn Leaves- Johny Mercer
قدیش كان في ناس- فیروز
نسم علینا الھوى- فیروز
-Parfum de Gitane- Anouar Brahem
-Raghm alfuraq- Tamer Alsahouri
-Palestinian folkore songs
-Samaai Hijez- Goksel Baktagir
-Emigration- Tamer Alsahouri
-Samaai nahawand Mesut jemil
-Autumn Leaves- Johny Mercer
-Adesh kan fe nas- Fairouz
-Nassam Alena Alhawa-Fairouz
-Allamouni- Fairouz

Un verre de l’amitié suivra le concert

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